S&O DESIGNは、インダストリアルデザインを専門とするデザイン会社です。プロダクトデザイナーの清水久和により2012年7月に設立されました。デザインディレクターとして岡田栄造が参加しています。

 清水久和はこれまで、オフィス向け複合機やカメラ、ビデオカメラなどの製品デザインを多く手がけてきました。キヤノンのデジタルカメラ「IXY Digital」のチーフデザイナーとして同シリーズを世界シェアNo.1に導き、世界的なデザイン賞であるドイツiF賞を複数回にわたって受賞するなど、インダストリアルデザインの分野で既に高い実績と評価を得ています。1990年代の早い時期より個人作家としての活動も行っており、デザインした「アイスクリームスプーン」は10年以上に渡るロングセラーとなっているほか、複数の作品が長崎県美術館に所蔵されています。


 二人はいくつかのプロジェクトで協働したのち、2008年以降はヨーロッパを中心に拡大する「アートデザイン」のマーケットに焦点を絞り、限定生産のデザイン作品を共同で発表してきました。代表作の「鏡の髪型」シリーズはフランスを代表するギャラリー「Galerie DOWNTOWN」を通して販売されています。2011年にはオランダの「Galerie VIVID」で個展を開催し、新作「FRUITS」シリーズを発表しました。

 S&O DESIGNの設立は、二人の経験と能力をインダストリアルデザインの分野でより幅広く展開していくためのものです。独自のデザイン手法「Continuous Design」を武器に、企業からの多様な要望に応えていきます。


  Established by product designer Hisakazu Shimizu and design director Eizo Okada in July 2012, S&O Design is a design company specializing in industrial design. 

  Hisakazu Shimizu has extensive design experience with such products as office-use copying machines, cameras and video camcorders. As chief designer of Canon’s IXUS series of compact digital cameras, he was instrumental in helping the series capture the top share of the global market. He has not only achieved outstanding business results, but also gained an excellent reputation within the industrial design field, as evidenced by the numerous honors he has received, including Germany’s prestigious iF Award.  Shimizu has also been active as an independent designer since the early 1990s. In addition to Ice Cream Spoon, which has been a long seller for more than 10 years now, several of his designs are on display at the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum. 

  Eizo Okada has been involved as a design director in the planning and development of numerous exhibitions and products. Since joining the Ribbon Project in 2003, he has contributed to the development of many interior products that use ribbon as their key material, getting involved in sales at institutions both inside and outside Japan, such as the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), and also putting on exhibitions at art museums in various countries, including the National Design Museum in the United States. Moreover, Okada is highly acclaimed for his work in media design, including his role as host of the design news site dezain.net since 1999. 

  The pair have worked together on a number of projects, and since 2008 have been producing limited edition design pieces with a focus on the expanding art design market. Their masterpiece series Hairstyle Mirror is being sold through the hallmark Galerie DOWNTOWN in Paris, France. They held a solo exhibition at Galerie VIVID in the Netherlands in 2011 to launch their new series FRUITS. 

  Through S&O Design, Shimizu and Okada aim to use their experience and expertise to further develop and expand the field of industrial design. They intend to meet the diverse needs of businesses by making full use of their unique “Continuous Design” method.